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Woman Sues Salon after Allergic Reaction to Fake Eyelashes

Author: • Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

A woman is suing a beauty salon after she suffered an allergic reaction to fake eyelashes.

Jane Rolfe had her first ever set of fake eyelashes fitted at the Debut Beauty Salon in Brentwood back at Christmas time 2011. However, after waking up the morning after having the lashes fitted, she felt soreness in her eyes.

Mrs Rolfe returned to the salon, where staff told her that this soreness would go away. However, her symptoms got worse and a visit to her GP resulted in her being prescribed steroids and antihistamines.

By this time, the salon could not take the eyelashes out because of the pain it was causing Mrs Rolfe. She eventually managed to take them out herself but suffered with vision impairment and soreness until she was given medication by staff at a specialist eye hospital.

Now, the Brentwood Gazette reports that she is making a compensation claim against the salon, arguing that she was not offered a patch test to look for allergies. The salon is reported to be denying liability and counter arguing that Mrs Rolfe refused a patch test and did not listen to their advice.

Fairground Owner Fined after Child Falls from Ride

Author: • Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

A fairground owner has been fined after a 12 year old girl fell out of a ride and was injured.

The injured girl was sat on the High Roller ride at the Lostock Hall Carnival in Preston when the accident happened in July 2011. The ride consists of a row of seats that rise off the ground in circular motions.

The 12 year old was sat on the end seat but fell from this position as the ride was swinging through the air. She landed on the platform base of the ride and suffered serious injury.

The girl sustained multiple injuries, including fracturing her pelvis in five separate places. She also cracked a bone in her spine and lacerated her bladder. She has been left with numerous scars from the injuries that she suffered.

The HSE reports that the owner of the fairground has just been prosecuted in regards to the accident. A safety notice had been issued about the ride after an accident at a different fairground in Halifax in June 2010. This notice prohibited fairgrounds with the ride from letting people sit in the end seat until they had fitted safety bars.

A copy of the notice had been handed by the HSE to the fairground owner – Gary Gore – a year before this accident took place. Despite this, there was no additional safety barrier in place when the 12 year old fell from the end seat.

A fine of £18,000 was issued to Mr Gore last week for breaking health and safety law.

North West NHS Trust Pays £4Million in Compensation

Author: • Monday, February 18th, 2013

An NHS Trust in the North-West of England, are reported to have paid out more than £4million as a result of compensation claims in the last year.

Figures reported by the St Helens Reporter show that the NHS Trust responsible for running St Helens Hospital and Whiston Hospital paid out £4.1million during the last yearly reporting period.

This money was paid out to patients who have suffered due to the negligence of medical staff working for the Trust. The figure also includes legal fees paid to the patients’ representatives.

The amount of compensation paid by this particular NHS Trust has risen by over a million pounds from the previous years figures.

Other nearby NHS Trusts have seen even larger compensation bills over the last yearly period. The Trust responsible for Tameside Hospital, which is in the area east of Manchester, paid out over £13million in the same time frame.

Example claims made against Tameside Hospital are reported to include a claim made after a swab was left inside a patients’ body after an operation.

The announcement of these figures comes at the same time as The Sun newspaper are reporting that £1.3million compensation has been paid out to male NHS patients who have had testicles wrongly removed by surgeons. In most cases the surgery was later found to be unnecessary, but in some cases the wrong testicle was removed.

£170k Compensation after Scout Leader Injures Back on Assault Course Pole

Author: • Friday, February 15th, 2013

Compensation totalling £170,000 has been awarded to a scout leader who injured his back on a fireman’s pole at an assault course in Wales.

Scout leader, Robert Wilson, was injured whilst taking part on the Challenge Valley assault course at Clyne Farm Centre in August 2009. He had taken his troop to the centre but was injured when traversing down a 10 foot high fireman’s pole.

He landed at the bottom of the pole on his bottom and fractured a vertebra in his spine. He had to be airlifted to hospital where he underwent surgery.

Wales Online report that he made a claim for compensation against the centre, and a ruling in the case has just been made at court. The court heard how Mr Wilson had expressed reservations about going down the pole due to his weight and lack of fitness.

The judge in the case ruled that the instructor had not given adequate instructions on how to descend the pole safely in wet conditions. The judge rejected counter allegations that Mr Wilson was trying to show off in front of his troop.

It is reported that Mr Wilson will now receive compensation of nearly £170,000 for his injuries. This sum includes money to cover earnings that he lost due to the accident.

Fine Issued as Man Fixing Rollercoaster Injured in Fall

Author: • Friday, February 15th, 2013

A fine has been issued after a man was seriously injured in a fall whilst fixing rollercoaster.

The unnamed 42 year old was working at Legoland in Windsor when the accident happened in June 2011. He was helping to remove two damaged roller-coaster trains from the track of the Dragon Coaster ride at the attraction.

Whilst undertaking this work, he stepped on a walkway that was not secured in position. The section had been removed and then put back into place, but had not been re-secured.

Standing on the unsecured walkway caused the man to fall a total of three metres. He suffered multiple injuries, including breaks to bones in his shoulder and ribs.

The HSE looked into the accident and found that work carried on at the park in exactly the same way the next day despite the serious accident happening. They also found that a risk assessment carried out previously stated that harnesses needed to be used to complete the task.

The operators of Legoland – Merlin Attractions Operations Ltd – have been hit with a fine of £23,200 after admitting to breaking work at height regulations at court this month.

Man Loses Thumb Clearing Blockage from Potato Sorting Machine

Author: • Thursday, February 14th, 2013

A work accident resulted in a man losing his thumb in a potato sorting machine whilst attempting to clear a blockage.

Brian Griffiths was at work at crisps manufacturer Sirhowy Valley Foods when he suffered the injury in December 2011. At the work premises in Newport, he was working on a potato sorting machine.

When the machine became blocked, Mr Griffiths attempted to clear the blockage whilst the machine was still running. He was wearing gloves whilst he was doing this and the material on them caught on the rollers. This pulled his hand into the machine and his thumb was severed.

The accident was investigated by the HSE who found the official company policy of using a long-handled pole to clear blockages was not always followed due to the need to sort the problem quickly.

The HSE brought a prosecution against Sirhowy Valley Foods for breaking work equipment regulations. They stated that the man’s injury could have been easily avoided had the machine been guarded and a safe system of work put in place to clear blockages. The firm pleaded guilty and were fined £8,000 on Monday.

Agency Worker Injured at Engine Part Firm

Author: • Thursday, February 14th, 2013

An agency worker was injured at an engine part manufacturing firm in an accident involving unguarded machinery.

The man was working as a trainee operator on the date of the accident in October 2010. He was on the premises of Mahle Engine Systems UK Ltd in Kilmarnock.

When the incident occurred, he was using a running mill and was trying to free a strip of metal that had become trapped. Whilst he was doing this, his glove became caught in the nip of the machine and his hand was subsequently pulled between two rollers.

The crush from the rollers caused him to suffer two broken fingers. He also required surgery to repair damage to the tissue on three of his digits.

The accident to the worker was investigated by the Health and Safety Executive who found that although the man was aware of the risk of the nip points he thought the danger was not present because the running mill had been turned off. However, the rollers on the machine were powered separately.

At the start of this week, Mahle Engine Systems UK Ltd were fined £8,000 for breaking the Health and Safety at Work Act. It was found that the firm did not do a sufficient risk assessment, provide necessary information for the job, nor fit a guard to prevent access to the rollers.

It is reported that improvements have now been made at the site, including new safety guards on the rolling mills.

Egg Worker Injures Hand in Bird Feed Machine

Author: • Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

A worker at a farming company in Suffolk was injured when his hand was caught in a bird feed machine.

Luke Parker was employed at Green Label Farms LLP at the time of the accident in November 2011. He worked as an egg collector at the company, which specialises in the breeding of ducks.

On the day of the incident, after collecting eggs, he noticed that one of the bird feed lines had stopped and wasn’t running. This was a common occurrence and Mr Parker attempted to fix the problem.

He opened the cover of a chamber and began to try and scoop out grain that was covering a sensor and causing the line to stop moving. As he was doing this, the line started up again but his sleeve became caught in the machine. This caused his hand to be pulled into the machinery.

He managed to stop the line by covering the sensor again and called a colleague for help. However, his hand had been damaged in the accident and he had suffered nerve damage.

The HSE investigated and found no safe system of work was in place for clearing blockages on the feed line. Power to the machine should have been isolated before workers put their hands in the chamber to remove grain.

Green Label Farms LLP have been fined £5,000 at court this week in relation to safety breaches that caused the accident.

Woman Knocked Unconscious by Holiday Slip Wins £37k Compensation

Author: • Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

A woman, who slipped on a pool of water and knocked herself unconscious, has been awarded compensation of £37,000.

Sylvia McNicholl was on a two-week family holiday in Tenerife when the accident happened in May 2008. She was staying at the Fanabe Costa Sur hotel on the island, and was on just the first night of her break.

The accident occurred when she slipped on a pool of water that had leaked from a faulty air conditioning machine. The slip caused her to fall backwards and she struck her head on a cupboard door.

The impact to her head knocked her unconscious and had a lasting effect of her health. She had to have stitches on the wound and suffered from headaches and dizziness. The injury has left her with a permanently reduced sense of taste and smell.

The Daily Record reports that she has now received £37,000 in compensation after making a holiday accident claim against the tour operator, Thomas Cook. The payout covers earnings she has lost from being unable to work.

It was found that the air conditioning unit was not maintained in the way it was required to be by laws in Spain.

Fine for Scaffolder after Member of Public Hits Head on Metal Pole

Author: • Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

A fine has been issued to a scaffolder after a member of the public hit her head on a metal pole.

Scaffolder Thomas Hannen was contracted by Argyll and Bute Council to undertake work on the Isle of Bute during January 2011. He was asked to put up scaffolding at the Royal Hotel so that work could be undertaken to assess the condition of the disused building.

Mr Hannen and his team began work on the construction of the scaffolding without stopping or discouraging the public from continuing to use the pavement at the site. On the same day, the council inspected the work that had begun, and made Mr Hannen aware that the pavement was being obstructed by a scaffold pole. The council also stressed the need to prioritise safety due to the busy nature of the pavement and area.

Later on that day, a member of the public hit her head on a scaffold pole as she walked beneath the scaffolding. The pole had been placed at a height of 1.5 metres and had not been covered with any padding or warning tape.

The 61 year old woman fell and broke her ankle after hitting her head on the pole. The cut on her head needed stitches, which she received at hospital.

A prosecution was brought by the HSE against Mr Hannen for numerous safety failings. He had not undertaken a risk assessment for the work and had declined on offer to close the pavement. He also did not divert the public from the work area or use methods such as warning tape to warn of the danger.

After admitting to breaking health and safety law he was fined £1,670 yesterday.

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